Is there a dress code?

Look good, gurl. If you want to show up in shorts and t-shirt, that's fine, but we are not responsible for the looks you get.

Is it handicapped accessible?

Totally. There's a ramp from the street and a gorgeous elevator to get you up to the salon. 

What's standing room like?

Standing room tickets will be able to stand anywhere around the perimeter of the room, and can always move anywhere there is space.

Is there food?

Yes, we will have a small bites menu available from the chef at the Norwood.

Do I have to stay seated?

Nope! We encourage you to move about, grab a drink, or run to the potty when you need to. Just please be considerate to other guests’ view and respect the artist's space.

Can I order a drink during the show?

We certainly hope you will, and often! But again, please be polite to other guest’s enjoyment.

What do I do when I arrive at the Norwood?

Check-in with the front desk at the front door. You’ll get a wristband and they will send you to the Club Bar on the 2nd Floor so you can get a beverage. When the party room is ready and the doors are opened, there will be an announcement and the doors to the 3rd Floor party room will be opened.

Is this a party or a show?

To be accurate, it's an evening where we all come together in a fabulous and comfortable space to enjoy a program of artists that has been curated specifically for you. But that's too long a description for marketing materials.

I've seen photos of the room and I'm worried about sightlines.  Will I be able to see?

Absolutely. And know there is no formal "stage" at RSVP. Some artists will perform right in front of you, others will perform across the room. But you'll be able to see and hear everything from wherever you sit or stand.

What is the Norwood Club?

The Norwood is a private club that draws its membership from the international creative arts community. The house offers a unique, stylish and comfortable environment ideal for meeting, dining, and drinking right in the heart of Manhattan. Arranged over 5 floors in a spectacular landmarked townhouse, the Club has a fifty seat restaurant, two lounge bars, a sixty-seat screening room, a private dining room for up to twenty four people and a secret walled garden. We are thrilled that they will be hosting us this Fall.

What's the rest of the lineup?  What am I going to see?

We keep our lineup secret, because it's more about getting together, but know you are going to see a program of fantastic NYC artists in a variety of genres, who are all doing a little something different in their work.

How long is the party?

The program of performances will run just shy of two hours. There is also a time before to grab a cocktail and get settled, plus an after-party, and we hope you will enjoy as much as you like!

Will tickets be sold at the door?

If tickets are still available on the day of the event, an RSVP representative will be stationed outside the Norwood Club to sell walk-up tickets. But, as there are only about 50 tickets available, we highly encourage you to buy in advance.

Do I have to be a Norwood Member to attend?

Nope! RSVP is completely open to the public, and we hope you'll come back often.

I'm a Norwood member, can I come?

Absolutely! RSVP is free to all Norwood members. Just RSVP with the front desk!